Marc is a KNPV member since 1991. He became a certified KNPV decoy in 2002. He titled 10 dogs in KNPV (20 certificates in total). Marc is 2 times national KNPV champion and has been competing several times on the national championships. He is also official KNPV Judge. 
Marc is also owner and founder of the famous FCI malinois kennel "Arrack's Home"

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At Sigma Canine, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality K9 services. 


We have more then 50 yrs of experience in training K9's.

We have won several KNPV championships in all disciplines.


All our dogs are guarenteed to be in good health to the best of our knowledge. 
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Arrack's Home

running pup

Arrack's Home is a kennel that is specialized in breeding FCI working malinois. They use the best bloodlines that are found in Europe.
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Training video's

Here you can find different video's of us training, competing and doing other awesome stuff with our dogs.
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